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Our direct cremation package is the perfect option for those who would rather not have a funeral service or who are looking for a low cost funeral option. Many people today prefer this low cost no fuss cremation and elect to have a separate memorial at another time. This allows friends and family the option to celebrate the life of their loved one in their own personal way. This is a low cost funeral… a simple funeral… an affordable funeral also knows as a pure cremation, clearly a cremation without ceremony or fuss.  Simply cremations – its what we do best

Go simply cremations always try to offer the best value for money for you with our low prices and price guarantee we won’t be beaten on price.

Although a direct cremation is normally considered an unattended funeral service it is possible ( by paying a supplementary fee) for family to attend at a local crematorium. With go simply cremations you can be assured of the best possible pricing and the highest personal care – we only have low cost funerals

What is a Direct Cremation?

direct (unattended) cremation is the simplest type of funeral available. The body is cremated at the crematorium and there is no funeral service at the same timer. It is an unattended service. (one with no mourners) low cost, affordable simple funerals

Our low cost direct cremation funeral is however still flexible.. please feel free to explore our options – perhaps you want a willow coffin or to choose the crematorium – it’s all possible and you will only have to pay the difference in price – low cost funerals with fair pricies

Why Choose an Unattended Funeral Service?

The are many reasons as to why people may choose an unattended cremation. Often people do not want a fuss when they die. Sometimes people will choose this option because it is the lowest  cost funeral/most economical funeral , and some because they prefer to separate the celebration of life from the cremation process. Other people just don’t like the idea of a funeral service and prefer to keep it simple. Having completed my research, I can say that Direct cremation costs near me vary a lot some small independents offer unattended services at nearly £2000 pounds whereas go simply – a local undertaker, offers some of the cheapest direct cremation costs uk wide.  The average direct cremation cost uk wide is reported to be over £1500 with  even some specialist companies charging over £1200 and without the possibility of a local home collection. We want you to be happy with our our direct cremation service,  our reviews are published so that you can have confidence in our services. We are at the same price as the co-op direct cremation option (their direct disposal cremation) and we can be very flexible if the direct cremation arrangements you wish to make are a little different whilst still offering the cheapest direct cremation costs uk wide. it is possible for dignity in direct cremation… you don’t get all the bells and whistles as standard but with go simply a direct cremation is simplicity itself! low cost funerals form gosimply funerals There is a lot of information elsewhere on the site … perhaps try the Frequently asked questions page

Direct Cremation Funeral Package from £995*

Our  funeral package includes:
  • Collection and care of the person who has died
  • Simple coffin suitable for low cost funerals
  • Completion of all legal and professional paperwork
  • Cremation fees
  • Transport from our premises to our chosen crematorium  normally in our ECO vehicle but you cam opt for a hearse 
*If needed, doctors’ fees would be an added charge of £82 * Supplements are payable for out of hours collections, collections from a private home, bariatric funerals and long-distance collections

Why Choose goSimply Cremations?

We are an award winning family-owned independent Funeral Director offering high quality funeral services at low prices. We understand that the death of a loved one can be devastating and that the thought of having to find thousands of pounds at such a difficult time can cause further distress. We are firm believers that funeral services don’t have to cost the earth, therefore, we provide first class services at competitive prices.

Furthermore, we are available to provide support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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For more information about our low cost direct cremation services in Somerset and Wiltshire, please contact us on 0800 107 6096. We are here to offer sympathy, support and advice in your time of need.