All inclusive funeral packages from £1765
Funeral packages from £1765
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go Simply Funerals is a family-run independent and local funeral director (undertaker) with fresh ideas offering caring, personal and professional funeral services across throughout Swindon, Bath and Salisbury and right across Wiltshire and Somerset, from Frome, to Melksham, Devizes Trowbridge and Salisbury. With over a decade of experience in delivering tailored funeral services across the region, we provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. Our diverse range of funeral options means that we can create a completely unique service to meet your personal needs. From simple cremations with out without a family service to something more complicated we enjoy co-operating with families and friends  for Kevin and Angela are available twenty four hours a day to offer sympathy, guidance & support through this difficult time. To talk to us about your needs, please do not hesitate call or complete a contact form. WE believe that with go simply you will not find a lower price for a comparable service at any Wiltshire or Somerset crematorium

We have always believed in offering transparent pricing and welcome the recent CMA changes compelling funeral directors to publish prices online. As a modern undertaker you can be sure of finding a great deal with us – from a direct (or pure) cremation to an elaborate traditional burial with coach and horses we can help and guarantee to beat and written quotation on a like for like basis. Simple funerals? of course!  be we can offer so much more

As a local undertaker we understand that you want to have confidence in your funeral director. go simply cremations and burials reviews can be found here. As a green funeral company we are proud of being the association of green funeral directors green funeral director of the year and of being able to offer our families greener more eco friendly choices – wherever possible we use an all electric vehicle. 

Whether you are looking for a direct cremation you may have seen this called a pure cremation on tv -it is a low cost funeral option – not a cheap funeral, or something more traditional we are hear to help – we always listen to you

Funeral Directors with a Difference - Go Simply Funerals

Our unique approach to undertaking means that we can deliver a personalised service to meet your needs and celebrate the life of your loved one. As well as offering traditional cremation and burial services, we also pride ourselves on our wide range of low cost funeral packages including direct cremation, traditional funerals and woodland burials.

We know that often people are searching for a pure cremation but we do more than simply cremation all our products can be customised to suit you…. if you want a direct cremation with a hearse and bearers or a willow coffin and a horse drawn hearse we can arrange that quickly and simply. An Eco funeral perhaps ? As a Green Funeral Company – we have that covered – it’s in our DNA . Simple funeral – we  are pioneers of the simple funerals movement – its right there in the name – go simple with go simply.  But, if you are looking for cremation without ceremony , very affordable funerals we can definitely help here too we offer some of the cheapest direct cremation prices UK wide no funeral,  cremation only,  a pure cremation if you like – so simply follow the direct cremation links

Go Simply Funerals Packages

Our wide range of funeral packages includes burials, cremations, green funerals, Eco funerals home services and woodland burials. always offering value for money. Simply go the the page that describes what you are looking for . our price list is only a representation of what we offer our pure cremation prices are competitive - all our funerals are low cost funerals
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Direct Cremations from go simply funerals

We offer a range of cremation services including local direct cremation near and far, tailored options. more than simply cremation. For funerals that don't cost the earth, simply go to go simply funerals. Our direct cremations are some of the cheapest cremations in the UK. For simple cremations, simple funerals choose go simply funerals for a no frills funeral
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Bespoke Funerals

Tailor your funeral services to meet your exact needs with our bespoke funerals. Not everyone is looking for a direct cremation near their home
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Funeral Plans

Plan ahead with our cost-effective funeral plans that are designed to meet your needs and budget.
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Funeral Services

Our diverse funeral services include traditional, eco and alternative services. All services are delivered by our own professional funeral directors and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.. Simple cremations in the UK from the F=green Funeral Director of the year
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Transparent Pricing and Low Cost Funerals - go simply funerals

We understand that the death of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times in your lifetime. As a result, we offer transparent pricing so you can have peace of mind. Furthermore, we strive to keep our prices low and will only ever charge you cost price for any additional goods and services. We also offer you a low cost price guarantee to beat any written quote from another local funeral director in Wiltshire or Somerset.  Another advantage to choosing go simply funerals

Low cost Attended Funerals Starting from £1750

The CMA and funeral director pricing

go simply funerals welcome the competition and markets authority intervention into funeral pricing and costs. For too long funeral directors have been unclear about pricing. WE don’t think that the standard model is perfect but  as a transparent pricing advocate we have worked hard to comply with the regulations. Our packages are still available – but the pricing looks a little more complicated (sorry!) however the prices are fair – you pay for what you have and don’t pay for hidden extras. That’s always been our way, simple pricing for great funerals.

As part of the CMA report  all local crematoria are required to make their prices transparent and clear as well and we are additionally asked to make them available to you. If you know which crematorium you’d like to use just click on the links. If its another venue then please contact go simply funerals

For Swindon Crematorium prices – Kingsdown Crematorium click here!

For the new Swindon Crematorium prices – Wooten  Basset Crematorium – North Wilts (North Wiltshire Crematorium) click here!

For Melksham Crematorium prices – Trowbridge Crematorium – Semmington Crematorium, West Wilts Crematorium – West Wiltshire Crematoriumclick here!

 For Bath Crematorium – Haycombe Crematorium click this!

For Mendip Crematorium – Shepton Mallett Crematorium click here!

For Westerleigh Crematorium (Yate Crematorium) click here!

Packages still available - simply cremation just £895

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For more information about our go simply funeral services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you in your time of need. Call us on 0800 107 6096 for a personal and supportive service.

All inclusive funeral packages from £1765
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