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Organising funerals, while taking care of you.

Funeral Director Swindon: If you need to arrange a funeral, we know this can be a daunting, confusing, even distressing experience. And at goSimply Funerals our mission has always been simple. To make the experience of organising a funeral in Swindon as low cost, low stress, and comfortable as it can possibly be. This promise guides our service right from the first contact with you through to the completion of the funeral-arranging process. We are a husband-and-wife team, a small family business, who handle every single client with utmost empathy, professionalism, transparency, and care. And most importantly, we talk. Far from an anonymous service provider, we’ll maintain a close and personal contact with you by telephone, face to face or video call, for reassurance, support, and information at what can be a difficult time.

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Arranging low-cost funerals and low-cost cremations in Bath, Chippenham, Keynsham, Salisbury, Wiltshire, and across Somerset; Frome, Melksham, Devizes, Trowbridge

Let’s talk…funeral costs

We believe in clarity and transparency in funeral services when searching for funeral director Swindon. We think it’s unethical to hide costs or spring additional costs on people when they are vulnerable and going through arranging a funeral, often for the first time. So, you’ll find us completely open on funeral costs. Detailed funeral prices are listed here and any extras will be clarified up front. Unsure about any of these costs or what you need? Just talk to us.

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Let’s talk…funeral types

When searching for “Funeral Director Swindon”, a big and important decision is making sure you are able to get the right type of funeral, whether or not the wishes are known. goSimply Funerals can help you and guide you through the choices. We arrange different types of funerals and flexible combinations of funeral services. These include affordable and simple direct or pure cremation, affordable traditional funerals, or more specialist bespoke funerals including additional touches, woodland or natural burials, or home funerals. By talking, we’ll understand your needs, and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Want to talk through the options?

Let’s talk…the little details

Funeral arrangements can be overwhelming. But it’s the details that will help create the right experience for you and your loved one. We ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and then create a funeral service in line with your expectations. Personal but key elements that we’ll gently guide you through will include;
  • Collection and care of the person who has died
  • Dressing of the person who has died
  • Chapel visits
  • Advice on or completion of all legal and professional paperwork
  • Payment of third-party costs made on your behalf (if applicable)
  • Your choice of coffins and urns including wooden, willow and cardboard
  • Your choice of transport on the day; traditional hearse, electric hearsette, motorcycle side-car, or horse-drawn carriage
  • Your fully bespoke ceremony led by a Minister or Celebrant
  • Funeral conductor on the day
  • Orders of service
  • Floral tributes

Let’s talk…nature and environment

Many of us are looking at ways to reduce our impact on the earth in our day to day lives, and funeral arrangements are no different. We run our Funeral Director Swindon business with a commitment to sustainability, so much so that we were recognised with the UK Green Funeral Director of the Year award. We’ve reviewed every aspect of our operations and business to reduce our environmental footprint and give back to the environment wherever possible. We know this is important to our clients, so as well as our own green practices, we offer sustainable natural burials and home funerals.

If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing to arrange a funeral, the best thing you can do right now is talk to us. We’ll take care of you, we’ll take care of the arrangements, and we’ll take care of the person you have lost through our sensitive, experienced, professional, kind approach.

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Funeral Director Swindon: Our Funeral Plans & Packages

goSimply Funerals Packages

Our wide range of funeral packages includes burials, cremations, green funerals, Eco funerals, home services and woodland burials. Always offering value for money. Simply go the the page that describes what you are looking for. Our price list is only a representation of what we offer. Our pure cremation prices are competitive - all our funerals are low cost funerals.
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Direct Cremations from goSimply funerals

We offer a range of cremation services including local direct cremation near and far, tailored options. More than simply cremation. For funerals that don't cost the earth, simply go to goSimply Funerals. Our direct cremations are some of the cheapest cremations in the UK. For simple cremations, simple funerals choose goSimply Funerals for a no frills funeral.
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Bespoke Funerals

Tailor your funeral services to meet your exact needs with our bespoke funerals. Not everyone is looking for a direct cremation near their home.
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Funeral Plans

Plan ahead with our cost-effective funeral plans that are designed to meet your needs and budget.
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Funeral Services

Our diverse funeral services include traditional, eco and alternative services. All services are delivered by our own professional funeral directors and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.. Simple cremations in the UK from the F=green Funeral Director of the year
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Transparent Pricing and Low Cost Funerals - goSimply Funerals

We understand that the death of a loved one can be one of the most challenging times in your lifetime. As a result, when searching for “funeral director Swindon” we offer transparent pricing so you can have peace of mind. Furthermore, we strive to keep our prices low and will only ever charge you cost price for any additional goods and services. We also offer you a low cost price guarantee to beat any written quote from another local funeral director in Wiltshire or Somerset.  Another advantage to choosing goSimply funerals for funeral director Swindon.

Low cost Attended Funerals Starting from £1750

The CMA and funeral director pricing

goSimply funerals welcome the competition and markets authority intervention into funeral pricing and costs. For too long Swindon funeral directors have been unclear about pricing. WE don’t think that the standard model is perfect but  as a transparent pricing advocate we have worked hard to comply with the regulations. Our packages are still available – but the pricing looks a little more complicated (sorry!) however the prices are fair – you pay for what you have and don’t pay for hidden extras. That’s always been our way, simple pricing for great funerals.

As part of the CMA report  all local crematoria are required to make their prices transparent and clear as well and we are additionally asked to make them available to you. If you know which crematorium you’d like to use just click on the links. If its another venue then please contact go simply funerals

For Swindon Crematorium prices – Kingsdown Crematorium click here!

For the new Swindon Crematorium prices – Wooten  Basset Crematorium – North Wilts (North Wiltshire Crematorium) click here!

For Melksham Crematorium prices – Trowbridge Crematorium – Semmington Crematorium, West Wilts Crematorium – West Wiltshire Crematorium click here!

For Bath Crematorium – Haycombe Crematorium click this!

For Mendip Crematorium – Shepton Mallett Crematorium click here!

For Westerleigh Crematorium (Yate Crematorium) click here!

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Packages still available - simply cremation just £895

Funeral Director Swindon, Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have added some of the frequently asked questions by our customers in Swindon about our funeral services. If you have a question please do not hestitate to give us a call. We will be happy to help.

A direct cremation is by far the cheapest option available in the UK. A low cost direct cremation funeral from goSimply is just £995

The first question to ask is has the person who died got any assets which could be used to pay for the funeral? Secondly If you are on a qualifying benefit then you may me able to apply for help to the Department of Work and Pensions – give them a call. There may also be a local charity who can help – there are many with interests in those with many different former occupations. In all cases though to talk to us about your options – Funeral Directors Swindon may be more affordable than you think.

What happens when a body is cremated? Cremation is the process of reducing a body with intense heat and oxygen to its basic minerals (mostly calcium in the bones). The heat is intense (over 850 degrees celsius) and the process lasts around an hour or just over.

The process of cremation is the process of reducing a body with intense heat and oxygen to its basic minerals (mostly calcium in the bones). The heat is intense (over 850 degrees Celsius) and the process lasts around an hour or just over. At the end of this process the remains (ashes or more properly cremains) are moved to a second chamber to coll down – which again takes about an hour. After this there is a final process called cremulation – this reduces the cremains to a slightly coarse sand like substance – ashes.

How long does cremation take. Reducing the body to its constituent minerals takes about an hour or a bit longer in a modern crematorium. After which another hour or so will be required before cremulation (reducing the remaining bones to ash) – so up to 3 hours.

What happens at cremation service, this will always depend upon the family. The coffin my by already in the crematorium or there may be a processional entrance., there will probably be music, and readings and a eulogy (that means to speak well of) as well as a committal and final words. the celebrant or priest will offer words of comfort to the bereaved. at the end of the service it is normal for curtains to be closed as an act of separation.

Committal at a cremation may form part of a cremation service in the crematorium chapel or may be a separate service entirely – either as an extension of a service held elsewhere or as a service in its own right. A committal at a cremation is where we say goodbye to someone who has died.

Usually, no — although depending on where you go, the cost of the ceremony can differ. At goSimply Funerals, our fees for cremation funeral and burial funeral are always at the lowest price. However, this does not include the costs of disbursements which vary hugely. our prices are here as are the local crematorium costs.

It depends on the sort of ceremony you want. If you’ve chosen to go with a direct cremation, there will be no ceremony before the coffin is cremated. If you have gone with a ceremony the content of the ceremony can be as personal as you wish – there is no set answer – talk to your celebrant.

At the end of the cremation service the curtains are closed and the mourners will leave the chapel – normally listening to a last piece of music. The crematorium staff will then move the coffin from the catafalque to another room awaiting cremation.

No. The type of service you have is ultimately down to you. We can even provide a funeral celebrant to hold a specific type of ceremony.

Direct cremation is a cremation without ceremony – a pure cremation if you like. The separates the cremation from any celebration of life 

Generally speaking, the service lasts around 45 minutes in total. This can change depending on the ceremony and whether you’ve booked additional time. If you need to book more time, please let us know in advance.

After the cremation process, the ashes are left to cool, any metals are removed and the remains are ground down into a fine white ash using a cremulator.

Jewellery should be removed before cremation shortly after the time of death. After cremation, items are not allowed to be recovered, so make sure any jewellery intended to be left is removed.

A bit about us

Funeral Director Swindon and Undertakers in Swindon.

We’re a husband-and-wife team, Kevin and Angela, and we’ve been arranging funerals in the Swindon area and local regions for many years.

We treat our clients right from the outset with kindness, understanding, and respect. Our extensive experience means we know what people need. And this is to understand their options, be clear on all the costs, and be able to approach the funeral with confidence that everything is in hand.

We never stop looking to improve our funeral directors Swindon services and we’re dedicated to running an ethical, environmentally friendly Funeral Director service, which leads the way on best practice and values of excellence but is also affordable.

Please, take the time to read our exceptional reviews. They sum up the service our clients receive, and how important this positive experience was to them at a difficult and emotional time in their lives.

If you are also looking for a personal Funeral Director service in Swindon or surrounding area, please contact us for friendly, professional, expert help.

Funeral Directors Swindon - Kevin & Angela

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We’ll gently and sympathetically explain the different types of funerals we offer and answer your questions.

We’ll arrange a next appointment which may be face-to-face or by video call, where we’ll take forward the funeral arrangements.

At all times in the process, you’ll only speak to our small team, and we’ll be here to help you through.