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Going With Nature

Green Funerals with go simply?

Today was a special day in lots of ways – of course the sun came out, so at long last if felt like the end of winter and the dawn of spring. That always puts a bounce in ones step – mine particularly as I’m not a great fan of the cold dark months at the turning of the year!

However, it was also special for us at goSimply – we were outside at one of our favourite Natural burial grounds and it wasn’t raining!!!

In all seriousness, rain is one of the downsides of a burial, we live in a beautiful country with lots of green everywhere one looks and the price that we pay for that beauty is rain (and sometimes lots of it!) and realistically rain and burials aren’t a happy mix – it can make a sad and difficult time we and miserable as well.

So, on this occasion it was lovely to be outside, feeling the sun warm our skin, listening to the
birdsong and to top it all off a wonderful, family centred funeral – a eulogy delivered in three parts by the deceased’s sons, family bearers, poems chosen and read with feeling by dear friends and a beautiful committal delivered by Angela – it would have been worth getting wet for this one!!!