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Going Local?

At goSimply we are becoming increasingly not just concerned but seriously alarmed by some of the ludicrous, inflation busting price rises from some of our local crematoria (over 15% this year in one example). We are local funeral directors and will always advocate for fair pricing – low cost affordable funerals should be the norm

We know that councils are struggling for cash but the latest price rises cannot be justified
in terms of costs & must instead be looked on as a veritable tax on death.

In many respects this doesn’t really affect funeral directors (except of course they do get the blame for price increases) as the cost of cremation is a disbursement (a cost paid on your behalf) and does not affect the headline price of most funerals directors – only because most funerals directors don’t offer all-inclusive pricing. Conversely it does impact us at goSimply because all our prices are all inclusive.

These latest rises are so wrong in our opinion that we a considering launching a new product (yet another one!) goLocal – we would arrange a ceremony somewhere convenient for you and your family (a village hall, a pub, the local meeting room) possibly combining the funerals with the location of the wake at one location – this would be followed by a later private (unattended) cremation and a return of the ashes (if required) at a later date.

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts … email