In September 2014, Quaker Social Action formed the Funeral Poverty Alliance, a network of not-for-profit organisations to campaign collectively against funeral poverty.

The Alliance believes that beyond the individual and family, society has a responsibility to ensure everyone has access to a meaningful, affordable funeral.

Their vision is a society where everyone has access to a funeral that

  • Is affordable, and doesn’t leave them facing financial hardship
  • Is meaningful to the person who has died and/or those arranging the funeral
  • Allows people to grieve without further financial distress

This is a view that is firmly echoed in our beliefs and values – if we can save you money – whilst still creating a meaningful, hearfelt funeral then that is what we will do – we will never charge you for something that you don’t need and will re-imburse you any costs that you don’t need to pay.

We believe in a low cost funeral without poverty for everyone not a cheap funeral that no one wants

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