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With dedicated, compassionate services and experienced directors, we
provide perfect funeral ceremonies at a fair price.

It’s never easy to cope with losing a loved one. Not only do you have to put your emotions to one side while you sort the funeral plans, but the financial impact of a funeral is becoming increasingly difficult year on year as prices rise.

At goSimply Funerals, we’ve made a choice to go without many of the expensive, unnecessary extras that other funeral directors have, saving expenses on our end and passing those savings onto you. We don’t use large fleets of cars, expensive premises, or have to commit our services with shareholders in mind before you. Instead, we provide straightforward, respectful and beautiful ceremonies, without the financial burden.

From the moment you contact us, we’ll be with you all the way, planning a low-cost funeral and giving you clear-cut, experienced advice.

Our Packages


£ 995

Unattended Cremation Service

Direct Cremation is a simple and dignified option for those who wish to separate the ceremony from the cremation. This is option is perfect for those who want to do things their own way.

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£ 2350

Full Cremation

Many people like a Traditional Funeral service and this low cost option will provide all the extras as standard.

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£ 650

Helping You to do
it Yourself

Some families want to hold a Funeral without employing a Funeral Director. If you would like to run the funeral yourselves we can help with some of the practical issues and provide advice.

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£ 1800*

Personal Committal

This family option is for those who want something very simple and heartfelt with few mourners and a short ceremony.

*price dependent on crematorium

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£ 2400

Burials that don’t
Cost the Earth

Our Woodland burials are designed to be low impact on the natural surroundings and have a lovely relaxed feel to them. We use Michael’s Wood near Amesbury and Westcombe Hill in Somerton.

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£ 2150

No Fuss Traditional

We at goSimply are committed to offering and encouraging greener and more ecological alternatives. If you choose to have a traditional service with more ‘eco’ options, we will give a discount of £200 vs. the goTraditional price to £2150.

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goSimply Funerals offers low-cost funerals without
compromising on the quality. Get in touch with our
experienced independent funeral directors on 0800 107 6096

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