Our Funeral Plans

We have after much research & deliberation found what we believe to be the fairest funeral plans on the market and are delighted to offer OPEN PREPAID PLANS.

Remember that funeral plans aren’t for everyone – there is a significant upfront cost associated with setting up a plan and your investment may not keep pace with inflation. It is particularly important to note that fees beyond the control of goSimply may increase significantly above the rate of inflation (for example some local cremation fees have increased by over 15% just this year) and any shortfall in the plan will still need to be funded at the time of need.

We are offering three levels of plan – to suit your needs and through OPEN PREPAID these plans can be purchased outright or the costs spread out over any period up to ten years.
All the details are on the downloadable form – you can access it here . If you want to calculate the monthly cost then please use this calculator with an APR of 4.9%.

All money paid in (after setup costs) will be invested via the OPEN PREPAID trust and will be available to pay towards the funeral – the sooner the full ammount is paid then your costs will be met in full as per the terms of the policy.
If you decide to go ahead with a plan then please complete the form and post it to us!

We will do the rest! goSimply – a local funeral director helping to make your life easier at a time of stress.

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