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We at GoSimply Funerals have been discussing the recent developments with the spread of the Corona virus. Following recent government guidelines on protecting ourselves and the community, we would like to address some of your natural concerns as it is a worrying and confusing time for everyone.


As an Independent and flexible company we want to be able to offer you the best possible service with the personal touch that we are so well known for, and will continue to work with you to offer whatever we can, in whatever circumstances occur over the next few months.

At this moment there are some modifications that will take place for the service which are outlined below.

We will continue to look after your loved one in our care with the utmost dignity, whatever the situation and provide high levels of care.

·        There can be no chapel visits

·        All services are currently limited to immediate family only with up to five people.

·       All arrangements and paperwork will be completed either by phone, skype or online, and physical contact will be kept to a minimum.


If the worst case scenario comes to pass and attended services are unable to take place, we can offer the following packages


·        A Direct Cremation [details are on the website]

·     A Direct Cremation ‘with a difference’ which will take place with no mourners and the ashes returned  in a beautiful urn. A Minister/Celebrant will perform a short ceremony at the coffin in our chapel and we will live stream this to send to you. You may choose a beautiful urn of your choice from our collection. We can also provide a ‘drive by’ past a home of your choice so that you are able to come out and wave goodbye to your loved one prior to taking to the crematorium, or you are welcome to follow in your own car. This must be limited to two cars only, and you will not be able to come inside the crematorium. This will be early in the morning to fit in with the crematorium Direct Cremation guidelines. £1800

·     A Direct cremation with a full memorial service as soon as we are able at a suitable venue in line with our GoTraditional package. £1850

Please feel free to call us about any concerns in what is truly a difficult time, and will keep you all informed should there be any changes to the current advice.


Stay safe


Angela and Kevin


For funeral directors in Keynsham, look no further than the caring team at goSimply Funerals. Angela and Kevin have over a decade of experience in helping the local community with first-class funeral services. We offer both traditional and alternative services at affordable prices, so you can have the freedom to choose the services that meet your needs and beliefs. To arrange a free planning consultation, call us on 0800 107 6096.

Burials and Cremations

Our services include both burials and cremations. We offer you the opportunity to tailor our services, so your funeral package reflects your personal requirements and stays within your budget. Whether you prefer a traditional burial or an eco-cremation, we can help.

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Eco Funerals

Eco funerals are becoming ever popular. We can help create an environmentally conscious funeral that minimises the impact on the environment. Options include woodland burials and eco cremations. We also offer environmentally friendly coffins and urns. Furthermore, we have an electric hearsette to cut carbon emissions. To talk to us about our eco options, please contact us.

Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

Angela and Kevin are here to support you throughout the entire process. Their experience in bereavement services means that they are sensitive to your needs and can help you through this difficult time. From the first contact through to the final goodbye, we are here for you when you need it most.

Affordable Funeral Plans

Our affordable funeral plans offer a way to plan ahead. Each plan can be tailored to your unique needs and budget. Our prepaid plans can be paid in advance via one lump sum or the costs can be spread over a fixed term, so that you ensure your monthly payments remain affordable.

Contact goSimply Funeral Directors in Keynsham

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To discuss your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our funeral directors in Keynsham by calling 0800 107 6096. We offer free consultations and can explain the entire process and the services we offer.