Today was Anitas last performance, always one for a good show, a rebel soul, and often causing
trouble – that was Anita in a nutshell!
Anita, this huge character, had a terminal cancer but in all honesty no one really expected her to
collapse and die in Boots while out shopping – but as I have already said, she always had an eye for
trouble: Anita lived in London – a fair way from our usual patch, but we are always there when
needed – if we can help we will.
So Anita’s last day – we set off before dawn to ensure that whatever trouble we encountered Anita
would not be late for her own show – we had been told that Anita had never been early for anything
but this was one time we really couldn’t be late. Kevin had to make another stop on the way to
conduct a funeral in South London so Angela took Anita in Black Bessie (our lovely old hearse)
straight over to East London – Kevin (very wet) arrived shortly after Angela and Anita (bone dry!).
So, the stage was set for a truly beautiful funeral, eulogies, memories, fine words (and some in
French) showed us all just how much love was felt by so many for Anita, as for trouble? None at all
(unless you count one of her biker boots falling over!) just a wonderful send off on a wet day out in
London for Anita’s last show.

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