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*total price including ALL 3rd party costs will not exceed £

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unattended cremation service

all inclusive
  • Direct (unattended) Cremation
  • No Mourners
  • No Choice of Time or Place


Personal Committal Service

all inclusive
  • Committal only Service
  • Up to 15 mourners
  • Limited choice of Crematorium
  • No choice of Time or Date


Full Cremation Service

all inclusive
  • Full Bespoke Service 
  • Any local crematorium
  • Traditional Hearse
  • Free Orders of Service


helping you to do it yourself

all inclusive
  • collection & care of the deceased
  • advice on paperwork etc.
  • help with placing into the coffin
  • transport on the day of the funeral


burials that don't cost the earth

all inclusive
  • Woodland Burial Service
  • Eco Coffin
  • Limited choice of Burial Ground
  • Unattended burial price just £


No Fuss Traditional Service

all inclusive
  • Full Bespoke Service 
  • Any local crematorium
  • Eco Hearse
  • Limited Choice of time at Crematorium
"Life and death are one, even as the sea and the river are one." Gibran

Low Cost Funerals in

goSimply Funerals in is a locally owned and run business catering for the local community. We are proud to offer low cost funerals as part of our services. For some people, who led a frugal life, a simple and elegant funeral is right for them, and they wouldn’t want to leave their family in debt. To get an idea of these funerals, have a look at the images and the testimonials. We work with families to create the service that they want at an affordable price. goSimply beautiful, affordable funerals in .

Gosh, twice as good and half the price! Thank you goSimply"


"I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. The funeral was outstanding - first rate"


"Maybe death is so much light wrapping itself around us, soft as feathers." Oliver

Where we work

goSimply at Funerals operate right across all postcodes offering low cost affordable funerals in . We meet you at our High Street office at a mutually convenient time to talk about the service you require. We are proud of our funerals and you will be too. We think that personal service and attention to detail are the key parts of any funeral low cost or otherwise, and our simple and elegant goSimply funerals, epitomise that attention to detail.

I Received the pictures of the cremation with many thanks.Its strange but those photos are precious and bring with them peace and a sense of completeness as I was not there on the day

Thank you for reading my poem."


"Grown lighter than breath she is set free in our remembering." Berry

How it works

A goSimply funeral isn’t like other funerals, for a start the cost is fixed at just £. We use our black hearsette and a simple coffin. There are obviously restrictions to keep the costs down*. We encourage family participation, as far as you are comfortable, to help to carry the coffin** or decorate the coffin, say a poem, whatever you are comfortable with. A low cost funeral with goSimply will still be a beautiful funeral, just simple flowers, cloths and candles create a wonderful image for you. We will, with your permission, take a photograph so that you can share this memory. A simple affordable funeral in , the goSimply way. * includes...

Collection and care of the person who has died

All advice and paperwork

Cremation costs and doctors fees

Conducting and directing the funeral 

A Simple coffin, beautifully decorated with a few flowers and candles (see gallery)

Transportation of your loved one to the crematorium

A handcrafted religious or non-religious ceremony

** If we provide bearers, we charge £35 each bearer

Kind, Caring & Compassionate. Very Professional. Nothing was too much trouble & always just a phone call away. GoSimply Funerals done the most excellent job in giving my Mother a beautiful service, that was commented on by all those that attended her funeral. Thank You."


"They are not dead, those who leave us tis great heritage of remembered joy."

Other options

Of course not everyone wants a simple funeral – so we offer choice. If you are looking for a service with no mourners at all then you may want to think about a direct cremation for £. If it’s something more involved you require Greenwood Funerals can provide you with a full funeral service of your choice. Whatever you want we are sure that you will find the funeral to suit you and your budget – please call us for more information on .

We are so thankful that it was you that we chose for our son's funeral. It was so beautiful and sincere, the coffin and flowers were lovely and we felt that you were doing it for someone you knew and cared about. We cannot thank you enough for making it so easy and so perfect and also for the warmth and caring that you gave to us all. All who attended said that it was the nicest funeral that they had been to. You have given us such nice memories of saying goodbye to our son and of you"



beautiful affordable funerals

beautiful, affordable funerals created by us with you in mind.